How to buy the perfect diamond earrings?

How to buy the perfect diamond earrings?

September 3, 2021 Off By Chloe

Diamond earrings tend to be the ideal gift because they are wearable always. These earrings are simple, elegant, and customisable in different ways. Whether you buy them for yourself or your loved ones, take time for finding the earrings that fit your budget. Customise the settings and backs for creating earrings that looks the best on whoever wears them. You will end with a pair of earrings that you will be proud of wearing daily.

How to shop for them?

Set a budget before shopping

Each diamond earring design has different prices. They could range from thousands to lakh. So, figure out how much you are willing to spend and stick to that as you stop. It keeps you grounded, even if the beauty sweeps you away. Online retailers generally help you find earring designs that offer the best quality for your budget. Besides, they are the ones that we lose quickly. So, you might want to avoid taking home the high-quality ones. Also, do not rush with deals. The affordable earrings could either be fake or low-quality.

Look for quality certification

You know how famous and expensive diamonds can be. You do realise that when you find the ideal deal during online jewellery shopping, you might be getting ripped off as well. Companies tend to mislabel the diamond quality, which means the affordable diamond you bought may look dirty as it lands on your hands. Check the diamond quality for yourself and demand original certification.

Pick any shape you want

Diamond jewellery is highly customisable, inclusive of their shape. The most popular diamond earring design is the round cut, and pillow-shaped cut also called the cushion cut. There are other popular options like heart, princess, pear, oval, and emerald shape. Jewellers are more than happy to customise the design of the diamond. Remember, the shape is different from the cut given by GIA and AGS, although the word cut gets used.

Square and rounded cuts are familiar since two diamonds are needed for creating the earring. It is not common to find two of them which can be cut pear-shaped without being noticeably uneven. Try matching the cut with your facial structure. Rectangular diamonds go well with wider faces, while rounded diamonds take lesser space and best for round faces.

Select the colour

Diamonds are the best option when you are considering a stud earring. They are easily recognisable and clearer when they are not of the best quality. Black and yellow diamonds are common too. Yellow is famous because they close to the pricing of white diamonds. Other rare colours, such as red, purple, pink, and blue, are not commonly used. Besides, they are expensive as a simple pair could cost you a home. Hence, you will find them in the form of other online jewellery like rings and pendants.

How to measure the quality?

Pick shiny and full cuts

Diamonds are measured using four Cs. The rating scale ranges from excellent to weak, and you would want good diamonds. When you see the diamond, it should look full and radiant. A dull cut will not seem appealing, and a deep cut means the diamonds appear small. The ratings are available on the certification, which you might need to ask for. The diamond shape and cut are not that important here, although the round shape is more brilliant.

Larger Karat weight for visibility

Karat means weight, not size, although heavier diamonds are usually larger. Earrings that are lesser than 0.5 Karat makes for good everyday earrings. The heavier ones are perfect for formal events. The Lower Karat diamond earring design is light and small. However, they hide flows better. The larger ones might spot flaws or dullness immediately. Look for the size of the diamond, ideal according to your look.

Consider medium colour quality

Diamonds are typically rated on a scale where D is colourless and Z is yellow or brown. You need not spend much on pure coloured diamonds. Look for diamonds in the hierarchy between H to J. This is because studs are small, and when seen from a distance, the downgraded quality will not make much difference except for your wallet.

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