Picking the Perfect Summer Dresses with 6th Street

Picking the Perfect Summer Dresses with 6th Street

March 17, 2020 Off By Chloe

We all wait for summer anxiously; after all, it’s the season for bright colors and sun. We usually get bored with seeing and wearing all the dark colors and looking at the gloomy skies of the winter season. Summers make you excited and energetic whereas in winters you are usually draped in layers of clothing and eating heavy food to keep yourself warm and this in return makes you lazy and you try to retire yourself to bed even in your free time. With the warm weather now arriving in UAE, it’s time to take out your summer dresses and also invest in the new trendy ones. It is best to shop from 6th Street and use the 6th Street code to get the best bargains.

For the women of UAE, summers are already here and it’s best to shop from 6th Street. This is the one store with many brands bringing their trendy summer and spring collection at the store; you find everything just in one place. Some brands might be expensive to invest in, but don’t worry, this is where 6th Street code comes in handy and you can shop at discounted rates.

Picking Dresses According To Occasions

Summers mean dressing right. After all, you won’t be any air-conditioned area all day, you have to step outside and hence need to wear clothes which have breathable material and you don’t feel sweaty. Dressing right for the occasion is very important. There are few which can work out wherever you go, such as jeans and shirts or jumpsuits. If you are off for a casual day out, opt for flowy long or short dresses. In case you are going out shopping, you will probably spend hours selecting a few things; opt for comfy wear to keep yourself active and running. With 6th Street code, you will get your options open to shop for any sort of summer wear you like of any brand.

Selecting the Silhouettes

Another factor to consider while shopping for summer dresses is silhouettes. There’s a huge variety of silhouettes available in the market and different silhouettes suit different body types. Make sure what your body type is and which material will look good on you, a specific dress on the catalog which the model is wearing doesn’t mean it will suit you according to your body type. Picking your dress wisely which can be either flared dress, shift dress or body tight, can prove to be very budget-friendly on your pocket and also with 6th Street code you can save even more.

Colors, Prints, and Accessories

Colors and prints should be considered and selected very wisely. Neutral, pastels and bright colors work very well for summer dresses instead of dark ones.

When picking out prints, consider the occasion and place you are going to. For example, floral prints are best for day time events, casual lunches and walk to the beach or going out for shopping. Stripes and block prints work best for formal events such as dinners, dates, and even weddings and other formal gatherings.

When it comes to accessories, play it safe. Don’t overdo your accessories, small ear studs or hoop earrings are perfect accessories, accompanied by thin chained necklaces and small pendants. Make sure to use the 6th Street code to get all your favorite accessories at lower rates.