Practical Tips for Maintaining Your Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Paris

Practical Tips for Maintaining Your Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Paris

August 11, 2021 Off By Chloe

After you’ve finally bought your favorite pair of white sneakers—like the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Paris—keeping them clean is a top priority. When making a fashion statement with leather and suede shoes, what’s the point if it presents stains? And let’s not forget the lighter-colored soles.

So, it’s wise to take enough care of your unique Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Paris and maintain them as new. In this post, there are some ways to let leather and suede part in your Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Paris, so they stay their best.

1 – How to clean the suede in your shoes

Removing stains from suede is a real challenge. It is a fabric known for its inherent stubbornness. As a result, suede may be the most complex sneaker material to clean. But, it is also the cover that provides a velvety surface. But it’s also prone to all kinds of dirt, marks, and unrelenting stains. And suede is difficult to clean.

But there is hope when you buy a suede brush. But remember not to brush it too aggressively across the surface of your suede sneaker. Brushing will remove dirt from the fabric.

Secondly, you can use a suede eraser. Press the eraser against the stain with some pressure and use it until the stain is gone. Wipe off any residue.

Use white vinegar if the shoe is still not clean. Dab a clean cloth with vinegar drops and slowly rub them into the stain. Less application of the liquid works well. Once the stain is gone, rinse with a damp towel and let dry.

2 – How to clean the leather in your shoes

While leather can be an excellent sneaker material for a crisp look, it can sometimes be a hassle to clean. Leather surfaces are sensitive to any abrasion. It can even erode the natural glaze of the material.

When caring for the leather, the most important thing is to remove the stains as soon as they appear.

Make a 3:1 solution of soap and distilled water. Apply to the stain with a white cloth and rub until the stain is completely gone.

If the mark is stubborn, you can apply a leather conditioner for an even tone to the entire surface area of the shoe. Apply with a clean cloth and wipe off the excess after a few minutes. As a result, you get clean leather parts in your sneakers.

For the final word 

A few easy tips can keep your shoes in good condition. If seeking a new pair, connect with Hype Your Beast.