Weddings and The Spain Venue for You Now

Weddings and The Spain Venue for You Now

October 13, 2021 Off By Chloe

Do you dream of getting married abroad? Follow all the steps and procedure to celebrate your wedding in a dream destination. We tell you all about the destination wedding. For your wedding, do you want to make an impression and play the card of originality? Organize abroad!  Far from traditional weddings, the destination wedding, as it is called, is a trend straight from the United States which is enjoying growing success worldwide. It allows family and friends to come together for a weekend or an extended stay in a unique and exotic environment.

But the preparations for such a wedding can be very stressful and require a professional organization. So how do you best prepare for a Marbella Wedding?

Choose the Size of Your Wedding

Before starting any steps, you will need to define the basics of your wedding day: the destination and the number of guests. Couples generally choose their destination for family reasons, in the case of mixed couples for example for love of the country. or simply out of pure curiosity.

Once the destination has been chosen, it will be necessary to decide on the number of guests. You can choose to organize an intimate wedding by leaving only with a few members of your family and friends, or you may prefer a large wedding that will bring together all of your loved ones. In any case, be aware that the travel costs will be the responsibility of your guests. But then, how to book such a stay?

Use a Specialized Travel Agency

For the arrival of your guests, it is more interesting to collaborate with specialized travel agencies which will find you hotel establishments offering wedding packages. The wedding packages are designed so that the bride and groom have everything to hand. The travel agency will set up attractive packages for your guests and take care of all logistics reservations and may even offer you a tourist program that will allow everyone to enjoy the activities to be done on site.

Take Into Account the Administrative Procedures

To get married abroad, you must first contact the embassy of the country in which you will say “yes”. You will have to provide them with several documents at least two months before the D-day. These documents are the same as those required for a classic wedding in France. The embassy will then take care of the publication of the banns in the town hall of your residence and at the embassy. At the end of the publication, a “certificate of legal capacity to marry” will be issued to you, which will authorize the competent authorities to unite you. With the Gran Hotel Miramar you can expect the best here.

Work With a Wedding Planner

If you are organizing a wedding abroad, it is strongly recommended that you hire a wedding planner to help you in all the steps. This will take care of contacting service providers, who will have to accompany you, or service providers abroad.

Choose a Photographer Who Travels Abroad

As the photographer is an important service provider for your big day, make sure you find one who will be ready to follow you to your chosen destination. A passionate professional, is used to international weddings. By choosing its services, you will make sure you are dealing with a photographer accustomed to this very particular type of wedding and to the constraints and possible hazards.